So this is me.

Hello, I'm Laura Kunkle. I have more than 20 years of association and nonprofit management experience. I’ve done it all – develop and implement marketing and communications strategies, recruit and train board members, pay the bills, plan large and small conferences, develop strategic plans, answer the phones, and unjam the copy machine.

So why is my company called Second Wind Management? I left a successful career in association management to start my own business because I wanted to work with clients that are doing interesting and important things; offering programs and services that inspire me, and be an integral part of finding solutions that meet peoples’ needs. I felt like this is the “second wind” my professional life. And I know from years of experience that organizations need a “second wind” to push them forward to reach their goals.

I’ve surrounded myself with the most talented group of people, equally dedicated to making sure your vision and goals are accomplished. Smart people with smart ideas. Friendly people with a focus on customer service and getting the job done.